Dental Video Marketing

How do you use video marketing for your dental practice? Video marketing is now more popular than ever with patients. Dentists must utilize video on their website or social media platforms if they want to attract patients. When was the last time your marketing agency offered to produce, shoot and edit videos each month for your practice?


Video marketing is a great way to attract more patients while outshining the competition. With Luce Media video production services, it doesn't matter if you are experienced on camera or not. Our video producers have worked in TV for decades and will make you very comfortable.


Our in-house professionals come to your office and shoot videos of every aspect of your dental practice. Your patients will get a first-hand look into what makes your office exceptional, from your staff to your knowledge as a dentist. Luce media handles everything, including research into the best dental marketing trends as well as production, shooting video, and editing.

Why does my dental office need video marketing?

Here are just a few positives of video marketing for your office.


Videos are attractive and can be easily shared. Video on various platforms like social media, YouTube, your website, email newsletters, etc. will consistently get more patient engagement. This is crucial to bring new patients into your office and create loyal relationships with current patients.


Facebook & Instagram

Two of the biggest social media platforms, which are crucial to building a powerful dental platform, favor video content over photos. Yet, another big reason to implement video into your social marketing.

Promote Products & Services

The latest research shows that patients who see a video promoting or displaying your service are 80% more likely to switch to your practice.

video marketing for dentists

What types of videos have we shot in the past?


Doctor Q&A's

Videos of you, the dentist, showcasing your personality and knowledge are a great way to form strong relationships with your patients. This kind of customer engagement allows your patients to get to know you and feel comfortable with your knowledge in your field.

Educational and Informational Videos

Potential new patients want to know their dentist knows what he or she is talking about. Creating educational and informational videos shows your high level of expertise and serves as a way to introduce new procedures to patients.

Patient Testimonials

One of the best ways to create comfort and loyalty among potential and new patients is to show them the effect your work has already had. Future patients are more likely to trust your practice after seeing positive experiences.

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Office Tour

Taking your followers on a quick tour of your office and its unique features can influence potential patients to choose your office over your competition.

These are just a few marketing ideas that Luce Media has had excellent success with our dental clients. Quality video production can be time-consuming without appropriate experience - but not with Luce Media! Let the experts at Luce Media boost your dental practices' social media reach and bring in more patients with our proven video marketing campaign strategy.


If you’re ready to boost your dental practice’s patient conversion numbers and online visibility, give Luce Media a call at 469-907-1057 or schedule a quick appointment below:

What Type of Dental Marketing Should You Pursue?

It's true that some forms of dental marketing may be more effective than others and may attract new patients more quickly.

A proven and beneficial form of marketing is done through a video for DFW dental practices. Video marketing for Dentists allows a prospective patient to learn more about your dental practice in multiple ways, including but not limited to client video testimonials and seeing or experiencing your services through educational videos.

Dental Practices are moving more and more of their marketing towards video marketing, specifically for dentists. According to a report by Demand Metric, the number of businesses that produce more than 50 videos per month has grown by 254% in 2020 (compared to 2019). These numbers keep increasing because businesses realize how effective video marketing and video content are.

Importance Of Video Marketing for Dentists

  • It helps build a patient's trust: It is human nature to trust what you've seen with your own eyes rather than just hearing about it. No matter how many (other) marketing materials you've distributed, a good-quality video showing how a process is carried out can help potential patients build even more trust in your service research shows that potential patients who see a high-quality video about your business are 80% more likely to switch you.
  • It showcases your Dental profile easily: When thinking about going with a new company for any reason, what speaks to your more? A simple website with a lot of text for you to read or see a video with a real person from the company talking about and showing their expertise.

The answer is most likely the video of an actual person because visual demonstration can help people feel they know more about the person, the business, and the service. The video helps potential patients feel like they know and trust you.

  • Record the dental services you perform: Video makes all of this possible, the overall aura of the dental practice, the dentist's connection with the patients and staff, and most importantly, it can be used as an opportunity for the dentist to persuade the viewers on why they are the best choice.
  • It can help clear questions: Many potential patients will have questions about dental procedures. You can make short videos covering many of these questions so potential patients can learn more about your expertise and choose you over other practices.


Why Choose Luce Media for Your Dental Video Marketing Strategy?

Selecting our Luce Media to handle your video marketing guarantees effective, affordable, high-quality video production of your dental practice. Our talented video team will ensure your videos will be produced to the highest production standards. In turn, potential patients will want to connect with you in a way that's not possible with any other form of media, such as your website or basic blog posts.

We make sure to go above and beyond for your dental practice in more than a couple of ways:

  • As a dental marketing company, we have the knowledge and expertise in effective and high-quality video marketing to grow your online presence.
  • We have a collective 30+ years in creating content at the local and national levels.
  • Our videos keep the patients coming back with targeted advertising.
  • Our knowledge and expertise allow us to drive more traffic to your website through our online services.
  • Being a small but hyper-focused company, we provide you exceptional quality services rivaling those of major video marketing companies but at a very affordable cost.

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