Dental SEO

We know that the dental industry is a tough one in which to compete. We also know that it takes more than just a creative design to make the perfect dental website. 

Dentistry is a highly competitive market and as dental practices grow, so should the variety of marketing strategies they use. Dentists often overlook the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in their digital marketing, but in reality, without SEO, many dental practices are spending time and money without seeing any return on investment in their online marketing. SEO is the single best opportunity to generate a consistent flow of new patients in the long run.

Let’s take a look at what Luce Media can do to improve your dental practice’s SEO so you can see better results.

SEO is a lot of different things, but at the most basic level it’s all about making sure your website and social media pages are optimized with certain keywords so that when people search for those terms, they visit your page. Dentists often use Google AdWords to get new patients into their dental practice, but these ads can be expensive and if you don’t have SEO in place then few people will ever see them!

Every dental practice should consider its website as the front door of their business. Your site is not only where you can establish your brand and communicate with potential patients, but also an important tool in helping Google determine how relevant your site is relative to search terms people might use when looking for a dentist.

The biggest concern dentists express to us is how long it takes to make their sites more “Google-friendly." That's where we come in; Luce Media has Dental Digital Marketing experts who specialize in SEO. Here are some of our best SEO practices we plan to put into action for the success of your dental practice.


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

The most important components of a successful local SEO strategy for dentists include targeted keywords and avoiding unnatural keyword stuffing. It’s best to focus on your most successful words first, including both short tail (e.g., Dentist McKinney Texas) as well as long-tail phrases (Quality Dental Care McKinney). Luce Media is here to handle all your practice’s keyword research to ensure your content is fully optimized. This is critical to make your practice easily reachable through search engine results.

Include Headings

Including headings throughout your content is an important step in SEO. Without them, it's difficult to create a user-friendly experience that Google can identify and index properly. This is essential to get potential patients to engage and convert into new patients.

Internal Links

It's important that you are linking to other pages on your site. Linking internally to specific product or service pages is a great way to help the search engine crawlers find all the content within your website. For example, if you mention dental implants on your main services page, make sure to link to your page that goes over dental implants.

Dental SEO

Even with these improvements to your practices SEO, the real money maker comes from client conversion. A lot of dental practices think that ranking higher on the search engine results page will automatically lead to more patients. This assumption has caused many dental practices to spend lots of money without seeing any return. Remember, conversion is key, not simply traffic. The experts at Luce Media have the tools to ensure conversion among your site visitors and specialize in optimizing your business to create loyal, returning customers.

Our dental website and social media SEO strategies have been perfected and tested over time to ensure quality traffic that will bring new patients to your office. Are you ready to start the SEO conversation for your dental practice?

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