Dental Paid Ads

Paid Social Media Ads management (FB, Insta, NextDoor, etc) for Dentists. In this case, we will want to discuss how we build lead generation campaigns, how we use a Click Funnels system of landing pages, and automation to deliver new patients.


Marketing your dental practice online can be difficult. If you are like many dentists, you may be struggling with low patient numbers and lots of available appointment times. If this sounds like your practice, Adwords Pay Per Click can be a useful online marketing strategy to start growing your practice! This technique has the potential to drastically increase traffic and improve business performance in just weeks.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most effective ways to generate new patients for your dental practice. PPC comes in three forms: text and image ads that are shown at the top of search engine results pages like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. The other form is with banner ads that appear on websites. Banner ads can be placed just about anywhere on any site (on blogs, company web pages, social media sites) and are typically seen by a visitor before they even reach your website. The third form is called Click-to-call. These types of ads are designed to generate inbound calls to your practice. They are only served to mobile devices but can be very effective.

With more than 1 billion searches per day, it’s a no-brainer that you should be utilizing this tool in your SEO efforts. PPC is a fantastic way to achieve high conversion rates at minimal risk to your practice’s finances.


Even with a strong Google Adwords strategy in your corner, it’s not enough to advertise your dental practice on a single channel—you need to be everywhere, from Facebook to Instagram to Next Door.

At Luce Media, we work with each of our dental practices to create a cross-platform marketing strategy that includes SEO optimization, PPC ads, blog posts, email campaigns, and social media promotion to name a few. Not only does this help drive traffic back from all platforms to your practice’s website, it helps increase the amount of patient conversions your practice experiences from having a booming online presence.

One of the most effective combinations of PPC and cross-platform advertising are Click Funnels. Implementing a complete Click Funnel system allows you to streamline your potential patients through your desired sales process without worrying they will get lost along the way. With a simple click, a well-made Click Funnel guides your potential patients directly to the dental services they need, while generating leads for your office. At Luce Media, we handle all the services you need for a truly successful Click Funnel; customer engagement, quality content, creation of a user-friendly website, and patient follow-up.

When you use our advertising services at Luce Media, you are gaining access to our Google Ads certified strategists that are experienced in all aspects of successful lead generation campaigns.


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