Online Visibility and Voice Search for Dentists

Ever wondered how online marketing can boost the ROI for their dental practices?

Luce Media has been helping dentists across the country by enhancing their online visibility and voice search rankings.
Most dental practices fail to utilize the full potential of the digital world. Your online presence is vital for the growth of your practice. Therefore, you must ensure to make your presence felt on as many platforms as possible.

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Online Visibility for Dentists

Online visibility for a dentist is a simple concept. It refers to your dental practice's ability to appear prominently to your online target audience. From social media to search engine results and business listing websites, your practice must have a presence on several digital platforms. This makes it easier for a potential patient to find you when searching for treatments you offer.

Why Online Visibility

If people search for a dental practice in your service area, they will not be able to find you unless you have an online presence. This may be a website, a social media page, or an online listing.

From one line of well-written keyword-rich Facebook posts to a Twitter handle, anything can make a difference and help make your practice rise to prominence for the treatments you provide.

For instance, you are offering special offers during the holiday season. It would help if you researched trending keywords people use to search dental practices during festive seasons.

Capitalizing on Business Listing Platforms

If your dental practice wishes to attract the maximum number of potential patients to walk through the doors, you must ensure to utilize the business listing websites to their full potential. These include Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp are some of the most prominent and leading listing sites that must have your dental practice’s listing profile.

However, you must ensure to create a comprehensive profile on these platforms. The profile must include details such as your full name, address, contact details, and URL links.

More Images Means More Incoming Patients

Adding images and videos of your dental practices’ facility, operation, dentists, and staff will put you on the search engine’s priority list. Every time a   user searches for dental treatments, your details will appear amongst the top results

Never miss out on this significant opportunity and get the best out of your digital marketing strategy.

Better online visibility in your local market will ensure that your practice’s name appears amongst the top results in searches by local residents. Plus, listing on Google My Businesses will also appear on Google maps.

At Luce Media, we deploy the latest digital marketing solutions to boost your dental practice’s online visibility.

Our local presence management tool is a comprehensive solution that uses geo-optimization to enhance organic searches for your dental practice. This is especially true if you are a multi-location dental practice. We can maximize on using the right information for each location and improve your search engine ranking on a local level.

Voice Search for Dentists

The evolution of technology, mobile devices, and an increase in internet traffic have raised the need for search engines to explore other avenues for convenient and efficient search results.

Services like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon are now using their own virtual AI-based assistants to allow users to search for businesses, products, and services you are looking for. The most popular and commonly used voice search tools out there are:

  • Cortana by Microsoft
  • Alexa by Amazon
  • Google Assistant by Google
  • Siri by Apple

We will embed voice search, also known as the Semantic Search feature, which allows your practice to appear in top search results every time a patient uses their smartphone to voice search for dental treatment.

According to a rough estimate, over 111 million people use the voice search feature to find information on local businesses in the U.S today.

We at Luce Media will conduct a detailed SEO audit of your entire online presence and website. This will help us identify any areas that need improvement. During this audit, we will also begin an activity that will outline the recommendation about which of the keywords should be part of your online content.

Using these keywords will help your website; posts and business listings appear amongst the top voice search results whenever a patient searches similar to yours.

We specialize in SEO for Voice Search for Dental Practices to Help Boost Your ROI

Continue using voice search technology with its latest development will allow you to stay ahead of the rest of the competitors. Our SEO team is experts on local searches, and we can offer unique insight into how the local search and voice search plays a crucial role in increasing your online visibility.

Luce Media can Improve Your Rankings to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website and Boost your Conversion Rate and ROI

Let us build an online marketing solution for your dental practice to optimize your online content, website, and business listings. This will not only help with high search engine ranking but also and get more patients visiting your practice for treatments.

Services We Offer Include:

Improving Your Content

Google My Business Optimization

Local SEO Optimization

PPC Management

Business Listings Management

Social Media Management

Review Generation

Luce Media Turning Your Dental Practice into a Credible and Reliable Brand

Our cutting-edge solutions will help your practice stand prominently amongst the competition in the dental treatment marketplace. We will use the internet as a powerful platform to transform your dental practice into a trustworthy brand.

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