Maximize Dental Practice Visibility with Google My Business

Looking for the most potent platform to market your dental practice? We can help you use Google My Business to reach your target patients and boost your ROI.

Google My Business (GMB) is the world’s most convenient platform to promote what your dental practice has to offer. The best part is that it is free for everyone. Luce Media is a dental marketing company specializing in creating a GMB listing to increase organic traffic to your dental practice website and boost your conversion rate.

Creating an Enticing Dental Practice Profile for You

We know the importance of detailed information so your practice appears professional.  Our team will collect all vital data about your dental practice and complete your Google My Business profile with the most comprehensive information about who you are and the services you offer.

This includes your complete address, telephone number, email address, hours of operation, website URL, and a link for potential clients to book an appointment online.

Google My Business for dentists

We Create, Claim, and Get a New GMB Panel Verified

Once your dental practice's listing is completed, Google requires verification. Rest assured, we will handle the entire process of claiming and confirming your ownership of the Google My Business (GMB) listing we set up for you.

Leveraging the Impact of Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Recognizing the importance of positive Google reviews, we focus on harnessing the power of feedback from your satisfied patients. Our strategy includes encouraging them to share their positive experiences in reviews, seamlessly integrating this into their daily routine.

Gathering more positive reviews can significantly enhance your online visibility, leading to an increase in prospective patients reaching out to schedule appointments for dental treatments.

If your practice currently has few or no reviews, there's no need for concern. Most patients who have had a positive experience are often willing to share their feedback about their visits and treatments.

Having already claimed your Google My Business (GMB) listing, we are prepared to promptly and professionally address all feedback, be it positive or negative.

Our team diligently oversees your GMB listings and actively responds to patient reviews. This approach not only demonstrates your practice's proactive engagement but also shows your genuine concern for your patients' questions and needs.

Google Likes Dental Practices with Photos

This may come as a surprise, but Google prefers promoting businesses that add photos to their Google Business Profiles. Potential patients searching for dental practices online would love to see your practice in action, along with staff and the environment, before stepping foot through your door.

Our team will work with you to get the best pictorial representation of your dentists, team, and practice to boost your GMB profile’s search ranking.

Customers will mostly choose dental practices based on who the doctors are and what modern in-house equipment is available. Showing dentists carrying out specific procedures will also entice the patients into clicking on that link to book an appointment right away.

Google My Business for dentists

As a dental marketing company, Luce Media will take care of publishing the best images of your offices, exam rooms, staff members, and treatment equipment on your GMB profile.

Virtual Tours are in Demand

While a photo of your dental practice can speak a thousand words, videos give a real-time digital tour to potential clients. They will be able to experience what it would be like to visit your dental practice. A high-quality video and the right coverage of all the aspects of your dental procedures and facility can help entice the patients to book an appointment with your practice.

We can take care of the video marketing and create an impactful virtual practice tour for you and embed it into the Google My Business listing.

Creating New Offers to Get People to Call and Book an Appointment

We utilize Google posts to showcase any sales and special offers that your dental practice is offering. These posts will draw patients’ attention to the most popular, new, or seasonal offers and procedures your dental practice offers.

We will create a compelling call to action to prompt potential patients to visit your website, call your practice or make an online appointment. We manage all your Google posts from your GMB profile dashboard that is accessible by smartphone as well.

Using the Power of Keywords to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

We will use the most relevant and trending keywords to boost organic searches for your dental practice. Adding keywords is vital for the optimization of your Google My Business profile. However, it is a very sensitive area and needs the expertise of a dental marketing company to get it right.  Google can and will penalize businesses for violating its policies on the use of keywords.

We will use the power of keywords to ensure your dental practice appears amongst the top searches every time a user searches for a dental practice in your area or the services you are offering.

Enabling Patients to Contact You Conveniently

Our marketing strategy ensures all potential patients viewing your Google My Business profile can clearly see all possible options to get in touch with you. These include sending you a text message, an email, giving you a call, live chat, or visiting your website.

Interested in Growing the Online Visibility of Your Dental Practice?

Luce Media and our dental marketing company of experts are industry leaders in refining marketing strategies for dental practices. We will deploy new initiatives and create a GMB profile to increase organic traffic to your website and bring more potential patients to your practice.

Let us take care of all the hassle of managing your GMB profile while you reap the fruits of the exponential growth in business.

google my businessWe promise to offer top-notch marketing solutions not just to improve your Google ranking but tweak other domains and aspects to ensure maximum results and benefits that a digital marketing strategy can offer.

Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Profile with Luce Dental Marketing

If you are ready to boost your online visibility and get an increased number of potential leads. Our marketing strategy on Google My Business will help boost your patient’s conversion rates.

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of Luce Media, you can stay ahead of your competition. We help you cultivate strong relationships with your patients, develop brand presence, grow and scale your dental practice. With our cutting-edge email marketing campaign for dentists explicitly designed for your practice, you can outpace your competitors quickly and accomplish steady improvement in your patient acquisition over time.


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