Top Dental Marketing Agency – 5 Proven Ways Luce Media is the best

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The ultimate goal for our dentists is for patients to book appointments. Creating a dental marketing plan is difficult, especially when dentists are busy making patients their priority. 

Luce Media is the Premier full-stack Digital Marketing agency in Dallas, Texas that specializes in Digital Marketing for Dentists. In fact, we’d like to think we’re the Top Digital Marketing Agency for Dentists! We’re proud to say we’ve been assisting dental practices, like The Center for Implant and General Dentistry, Dossett Dental and SmileMed, grow their patient count and bottom line since 2016. 

In this post, we will discuss five ways Luce Media sets itself apart from other digital marketing agencies for dentists starting with our favorite distinction. 

#1 We’re a local dental marketing agency! 

One of the essential qualities Luce Media offers as a digital marketing agency is that we are local. Local means we are there when you need us to be most responsive. But, it also means we’re close by to hear what you need in person. 

Most clients never meet their dental marketing agency due to their location being far away. However, when we say we’re local, it means we’re right in your neck of the woods. So if you’d like to call us one morning for an appointment, we could be discussing details over lunch that same afternoon.

We believe we set ourselves apart from other local marketing agencies because we value time spent in person every month. In these meetings, we’ll be discussing the ROI of your marketing investment and any other needs or wants you may have. Being local means we’re right here for you! 

2) Experts in crafting custom strategic dental marketing action plans.

A Digital Marketing Agency for Dentists should help you create a custom, strategic action plan that is specific to the needs of your practice. This is one area that makes us significantly different from the big-box, Dental Marketing companies. 

It’s common for these marketing agencies to take the same bland digital plan and plug it into every client on their roster (only to cross their fingers hoping it shows the same results.) Dentists then are forced into utilizing these same marketing tactics all over the country.  

The last thing you want is a cookie-cutter action plan. Your practice deserves something unique. If you are looking for a Dental Marketing Agency that will take the time to create a customized, strategic action plan specific to your needs, Luce Media is that agency!

3) Offer proof of generating dozens of new patients through dental marketing. 

When picking out a dentist for your very own set of teeth, you choose someone who has put in the hours and can show proof of a good job; well done. So why should marketing your business be any different? 

We believe a good digital marketing agency should show you what they have done in generating new patient appointments and conversions with numbers each month.  

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Center for Implants and General Dentistry

At Luce Media, we’re happy to show you how we’ve helped local dentists generate new patients on a weekly, consistent basis. We have graphs, charts, and numbers coming out of our ears to prove we’re the right choice for dentists seeking a marketing plan that works. Ask us about our dental case studies. 

We work hard to deliver these new patients from a diversity of platforms – not just Facebook Ads! We believe your practice should be generating new patients from your website, Google My Business, emails, organic social media marketing, and several marketing automation tools. It doesn’t matter if you have five dental practices or just one: Luce Media can help create dozens of new patient appointments for your practice each month.

4) Utilize the latest tools and technology. 

With over five years of experience utilizing the latest technology and marketing automation, we’re excited to help practices grow their patient base and bottom line uniquely. 

Some tools we utilize are:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A big part of our focus is creating a strategy to deliver new patients via digital marketing automation. Sometimes known as “automated marketing,” it is all about decreasing the time and financial investment spent on digital marketing while increasing the number of qualified patients you get from our efforts.

Dental marketing
Center for Implants and General Dentistry

As a new technology, it’s an incredible way to take all the hard work out of digital marketing so that you can focus on the new patient in the chair. In addition, this automation makes it easy for you to track how your digital marketing is performing. 

Issues surrounding digital marketing can be incredibly complex and time-consuming – including monitoring your social media for engagement or responding to online inquiries. So, the new technology makes it easy to see where this can be beneficial for dentists everywhere.

5) You can connect with the CEO anytime.  

We call him Mark! 

Do not think for a minute you’ll never hear from the CEO once your deal is inked. At Luce Media, no matter how you’d like to communicate, you’ll have access to the CEO’s direct line, email address, video chat link, and more. 

Additionally, he reviews every account each month to ensure all data is tracked and efforts are continuously progressing. As said earlier in this post, our CEO is the person who delivers the results of our efforts each month with a detailed monthly report. It’s his role to show you your status. He’s honored to show you how and why your business grows, and the exact number of new patients gained from our efforts.

Dental marketing

Hire Luce Media! We’re the Top Digital Marketing Agency for Dentists!

Digital Marketing for Dentists can be an incredibly complex and time-consuming task. Hire a trustworthy team that’s happy to meet in person to craft a plan to gain the business you deserve. Better yet, please speak with our current dental clients. They’d be glad to talk to you about their experience at Luce Media. 

We’d love to speak to you about becoming one of our clients. So when you’re ready, please click here and fill out the contact form below. Then, our CEO will call to schedule a brief, 20-minute appointment. During this meeting, he’ll listen to your needs and goals for the future. In addition, he’ll offer you a free website analysis and analysis and digital marketing consultation to be done as quickly as possible. 

How do I get in touch with Luce Media? 

If you want to learn more about Luce Media’s services or how they can help your business, visit our website. Or reach out to us on any of your favorite platforms! 

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