Outstanding Video Marketing for Dentists in Dallas / Fort Worth

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Video marketing for dentists

You know how difficult it is to get new patients if you’re a DFW dentist.  You can spend all day posting on social media without seeing any results.  Video marketing for dentists is a leap forward toward generating new patients.  It’s time to stop wasting your time and start getting more patients in the door!

Video marketing for dentists is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers online.  They are proven to increase patient numbers by up to 30%.

Imagine having an extra $10K – $30K monthly from just adding video content to your website.  That’s what some dental websites are experiencing after starting video marketing for dentists in Dallas, TX.

What is Video Marketing for Dentists:

Video marketing for dentists creates videos related to your practice.  These videos can be about treatments, dental procedures, your office – really any message you want to convey.  Once edited, you can use these videos in various places, including Facebook, YouTube, Email campaigns, and more.

You can also upload them to your website, which will significantly help your SEO.  Videos can increase your patient numbers exponentially higher.

Here’s an example of what happens to some websites that start video marketing:

– Videos help with your search engine optimization.  Google ranks websites higher if they have videos on them, so more people will see your site.

– 82 % of all internet traffic in 2022 will consist of video content!  It would help if you got on this trend early.

– You can start small with videos, meaning you don’t need a huge budget!

– People watch videos on their phones.  This is one reason social media platforms and Google have changed their algorithms so that a website with video embedded in it will rank higher in searches.

– Videos are easy to make and can be done by anyone.

Video marketing for dentists

The importance of Video Marketing for Dentists:

If you want more patients, video marketing for dentists is the way to go.  If your website already has videos, you could get up to 30% more visitors!

– Videos are cheaper than print ads.  Videos have a lower cost, meaning you have more money to spend on other things.

– People love watching videos vs. reading articles or blog posts.

– People are more likely to share your video than an article, which means you can reach new people who don’t even know about your website.

– Videos get indexed faster than articles on Google, meaning your video will rank higher, and more people will see it.

Someone searching for “dentist in Dallas” is much more likely to click on a dentist with videos on their website than one without.

Here are some benefits of adding video content to your dental website:

As more and more practices turn to the Internet to increase sales, it has become increasingly important for companies to have a solid online presence.

Video content is one-way companies can do this since videos can provide information about products or services without being too wordy.  Here are some additional benefits of adding video content to your website:

– Increase new patient numbers.

– Create new connections and relationships with prospective patients.

– Improve search engine rankings.

– Gain respect and credibility from new and existing clients by leveraging video content on your site to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

– Give online visitors a better reason to share your content and help to increase your website’s visibility online.

– Build trust with your audience by demonstrating your personality and who you are as a practice, not just displaying services or products.

– Gain more leads and traffic for less spent digital advertising platforms.

– Create an image for yourself and your company that will stick in your customers’ minds.

– Show your patients what you do and how it benefits them.

– Give your potential customers more reasons to use your services.

– Videos are an easy way to provide information about any subject or topic.

– Increase trust with prospective clients and improve your online reputation.

– Introduce your staff and give information about yourself.

– Answer questions that people may have, such as, “what does a dental implant surgery look like?”

– Promote your services and treatment options.

– Share before and after pictures of what your patients can expect.

Quickly and easily answer the most relevant questions surrounding your services or products, resulting in increased client satisfaction, directly affecting sales.

– Provide a positive online experience for prospective patients, giving them multiple ways to navigate through relevant information about your brand that is available at their convenience.

– Videos can help you answer the questions people tend to ask when they visit your website.

– You can add videos to any page on your site, making it very easy for you to add them, while marketing is not even an afterthought.

How you should use video marketing for dentists:

– First thing is to find out if they’re on social media.  Many people now use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for their practice.  They may even be using Youtube or Vimeo too!

– You can make videos out of your current written blog posts.  It gives you bonus points for SEO (search engine optimization) as Google can use video to rank websites higher in search results.

– You can also make videos and record yourself talking about new products or services.  It might be helpful to do two versions: one for social media and another for your website.

– Videos help potential patients see that their dentist isn’t just someone behind a mask who they can’t connect with.  Many people are uncomfortable going to the dentist, so videos that show you as a person might be just what they need to feel more comfortable coming in for their appointments.

– Videos are also great because there’s no language barrier since many people watch them online, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

What do the best dental videos have in common?

The best dental videos are engaging, informative, and easy to understand.  They have short, “concise” explanations perfect for the busy person looking for a quick dental education.

Below, We’ve listed what the best dental videos have in common!

– They’re short.

– Answer customers’ questions about your dental practice, such as why they should choose you, the costs involved with procedures or treatments, and what’s offered.

You can also show this information in a video format so it’s easier for people to understand.

– Videos that show a step-by-step process help people easily understand what they’re going through and what to expect from their upcoming dental treatment.

Many people have never seen a dentist work on a tooth before, so it’s important to provide this information online for them if you can.

You can also create videos that compare the different treatment options you offer.

– Videos that show before and after results can help people easily visualize their possible futures if they go through with their treatments.

It is especially helpful when it comes to procedures, which are quite expensive, so many people need to see how it’s going to turn out to decide whether or not to go through with it.

– Videos that compare your prices to other dentists can be useful for people looking around online to see what’s available in your area.

Show them exactly why they should choose you, and don’t forget to put this information on social media as well!

– Videos about how you interact with patients are a good way to build trust.  You can even include your staff in it for a more personal touch.

– Your videos should also have an appealing intro and ending, especially if you plan on posting them on social media platforms.  Make sure they stand out so people take notice of them!

– Finally, keep the content relevant and interesting to what people are looking for.  This will make them share your videos, which means more exposure for your practice!

Video Marketing for Dentists – Summary

Video marketing for dentists is a great way to connect with potential patients and increase your visibility online.

The best dental videos have engaging, informative content shared on social media or embedded in the website’s design.

Ensure you keep your video content relevant to what people seek to maximize its effectiveness!

Video marketing for dentists


Should I use dental patient education videos?

Dental patient education videos are great for educating patients about oral health and helpful for dentists who want to educate patients about dental procedures.  However, it is important to note that these videos should be short, engaging, and entertaining.

Should dental video marketing be my top priority?

Yes!  The dental industry has been using video marketing for several years now, and it’s proven to be one of the best ways to reach out to potential patients.  If you want to increase your practice, then you should start investing in video marketing.

What’s my dental competition doing for marketing that I’m not?

The best way to compete against your competitors is to do what they already do.  If your competitor has a website, then you should create one, too.  If they have a Facebook page, then you should create a Facebook page too.  If they have a YouTube channel, then you should create your own YouTube channel, too.  If they have a Twitter account, then you should create yours too.  And if they do video marketing, then you should do that, too.

How much do dentists spend on marketing?

Dentists spend about 4 and 7 percent of annual revenue per year on marketing.  It includes everything from direct mail campaigns to radio ads.  The average dentist spends around 30 percent of his/her practice budget on marketing.

How do I make dental videos?

Dental videos are great for dentists who want to show patients what they do.  They can educate patients about procedures, explain why certain treatments are necessary, or provide tips on maintaining healthy teeth.  The best way to create these videos is to use a smartphone and record yourself explaining what you’re doing. Contact us for more information!