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Creating a dental marketing plan is difficult, especially when trying to manage your practice and current patients. 

Creating a dental marketing plan is difficult, especially when trying to manage your practice and current patients. 

Some say that patients don’t come in with their teeth; they just walk out. And while it can be challenging for dentists to book appointments when you’re busy making sure all of your current clients feel cared about and taken care of first – there is a better way to generate new patients! 

At Luce Media, we’re the premier full-stack dental marketing agency in Dallas specializing in helping dentists grow their patient count and bottom line. Many practices have had great success by partnering with Luce Media. 

This post will discuss five ways Luce Media sets itself apart from other digital marketing agencies for dentists, starting with the best benefits of working with us. 

One of the essential qualities that makes us different is being local! 

You can hire one of those large digital marketing companies based in San Francisco, New York or Boston. You will quickly be assigned to a lower-level account manager that has never been to your community and knows nothing about who you personally or your practice. They are a voice on the phone. 

But the Luce Media team lives and works right here in the DFW area. That means when you need help most or need an in-person meeting to discuss strategy, we are there with you.  And you will meet with our CEO or senior managers who are experts on what they do. 

We’ve seen firsthand how important it is when working with clients locally; there’s just something more personal about somebody who knows where you’re coming from because they live in your community where your practice is located. 

We know Digital Marketing For Dentists: Luce Media is a dental marketing agency with the expertise to craft custom, strategic action plans for YOUR practice – not one size that fits all like the big dental marketing agencies.

It’s not just about creating a one-size-fits-all strategy that doesn’t consider your specific needs as an individual dental practice.  It’s about making sure you have a well-crafted, custom strategic action plan tailored specifically for your practice.  And then having the expertise to execute that plan flawlessly. 

We offer proof of generating dozens of new patients for dental clients. When it’s time to get work done on your very own set of teeth, you are going to choose a colleague who has put in the hours and can show proof that they’re doing well, so why should marketing our business be any different?

We believe dental marketing agencies should provide concrete evidence of how many new patient leads were converted into new patient Appointments. At Luce Media, let us show you examples of our success stories. 

We work hard to deliver new patients from a variety of digital and traditional platforms. Each month, we will be generating new patients from your website, Google My Business, email campaigns, organic social media marketing, and several marketing automation tools.

We are putting the latest technology and tools to work.  We’re excited to help practices grow their patient base and bottom line uniquely.

We utilize the latest technology, including marketing automation software solutions that deliver new patients via all sorts of digital channels. Some tools we use are:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital marketing automation is a game-changer.  This new technology takes all the time, effort and money spent on digital efforts and significantly reaches a broader, more receptive audience for your message. In addition, this automation makes it easy for you to track how your digital marketing is performing.

You can connect with the CEO anytime.  We call him Mark!

Do not think for a minute you’ll never hear from him once your deal is inked! At Luce Media, no matter how you’d like to communicate–you have access to Mark’s direct line, email address and video chat link; plus, all metrics and analytics are reviewed monthly by him to ensure we stay on track towards delivering results that will change your practice in positive ways.

Hire Luce Media! We’re the Top Digital Marketing Agency for Dentists!

Hiring a Dental Marketing agency can seem like an overwhelming task when you’re trying to grow your practice. Hiring a marketing agency is an investment in your dental practice. Having a local agency that is very capable and ready to meet with your practice in person helps guarantee your investment. 

How do I get in touch with Luce Media? 

Do you want to learn more about Luce Media’s services or how they can help your practice? There are several ways to do that. Start by visiting our website. Or reach out to us on any of your favorite platforms! 

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